Development of digital printing in China slowdown

  By the printing technology Association of China digital printing Branch carried out jointly with the digital printing digital printing capacity and application of survey development of digital printing equipment showed a slowing trend. 1. sheet-high-end digital color printing press sample: this investigation chose to industry-recognized as HP, Fuji Xerox and Kodak 3 equipment supplier produced the 4 series of high-end digital color printing presses.
    installed capacity: by July 2012, the sheet-installed capacity reached 887 units of high-end digital color printing equipment, based on 243 in the previous year, representing a growth rate close to 38%.
    application areas: current commercial print area is still the primary position of high-end digital color printing press, at 70% per cent, 5% higher than the previous year. Second largest field was the publication printing, accounted for 10%, less 2% than the previous year. Tied in third place are financial services, postal services, telecommunications and other fields and the field of organ printing, 7%. Packaging and printing of only 5% per cent.
    2. sheet-fed colour digital production printing presses this investigation chose the 3 major manufacturers on the market, Fuji Xerox, Canon and Konica Minolta's sheet-fed colour digital production printing presses, as representatives of a total of 13.
    machine weight: about 26% on the basis of the previous year, reaching the total installed capacity of 2345. With 551 units last year compared to incremental, incremental decline.
    application: mainly used in the field of commercial print, to 52% per cent, representing a increase of 2%. Other category is ranked in second place, accounted for 15%. Third to fourth organ printing, on-demand publishing, respectively, accounted for 14%, 11%.
    3. continuous samples of high-end digital color printing presses: this investigation chose to market 3 major manufacturers HP, Xeikon and OcĂ© continuous feed of high-end digital color printing equipment, as representatives of a total of 6.
    installed capacity: the total installed capacity reached 46 units. New installed capacity, 9 sets of 24.32% over the last year.
    application: mainly used for label printing, on-demand printing and variable data printing areas such as finance, telecommunications, postal services.
    4. high-speed inkjet digital printing samples: 4 the survey chose the market leading manufacturers Kodak, HP, OCE digital high-speed continuous feed inkjet and screen printing equipment for the representatives, a total of 6.
    installed capacity: annual installed capacity reaches 20 units, on the basis of the previous year increased 6.
    applications: currently the installation of high-speed inkjet printer main area of opening is an on-demand publishing and printing and variable data bills printing.
    throughout the last 6 years of digital printing equipment installed capacity can be found, 2007-2010, steady growth installed capacity of digital printing equipment, an annual growth rate of around 30%, and 2010-2011, installed capacity by leaps and bounds, growth rates of more than 40%.
    this year, the installed capacity of growth slightly slowed by the overall impact of the economic slowdown on the one hand, on the other hand, digital printing business investment also tends to be more cautious, model Update replacement also has a greater impact.

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