Toppan printing develops thin biodegradable laminated packaging materials

Japan born Toppan printing company has developed materials (biological resources) plastic products "BIOAXX" series of new products--using the thickness 40 µ m (0.04mm) the following bio-polyethylene film laminated packaging material, which in Japan is the first. The companies strive to food and drug use, production from the spring of 2013. New products using plant-derived ingredients, and have the same performance as derived from petroleum products.
gravure printing applications and different laminating technology, realized the new product. Previous laminated packaging materials is the use of adhesive films made. The technology and application of newly developed products is molten polyethylene film coated on one side of the base material film, established bio-polyethylene film processing technologies. Lowest percentage of biomass can be reached 10%.
strength of laminated and sealed with equal performance as the derived from petroleum products in the past and can be used for a wide range of areas. Letterpress in 2011 in Japan first developed the use of thickness 100 μ m (0.1mm) above the biomass of polyethylene film laminated packaging material that replaces with shampoo and other liquids packaging materials. This further reduced the film thickness.
Toppan printing will continue to promote the study of new product development, and strive to achieve mass production, in pursuit of the 2015, total sales of the product and its associated order up to 3 billion yen. Bio-plastic is the use of botanical raw materials and renewable resources, the use of such materials, in the reduction of fossil resources such as petroleum usage at the same time, compared with the source of petroleum products can also reduce carbon dioxide emissions, letterpress is actively committed to the development and commercialization of this type of packaging material. BACK
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