Speeding the development of the printing industry disadvantages 5

  Is a low level of blind development, so quite a few backward production capacity surplus, it is difficult to resist the impact of the global financial crisis.
Second, intensified market competition. 5 years ago, entered the era of printing industry in China, undercut, government departments repeatedly warned with little success, and now the crisis finally erupted.
third, disrupting the market economic order. Some companies are to survive, at the fake Indian fake, fake repeated printing market has become the focus of rectifying market economic order.
four hinder technological progress. Motive power of enterprise technological progress depends on internal development, businesses can profit by low-level repeated construction lost on new technology and equipment needs, which have serious implications for innovation and development of printing technology.
five industrial structural contradictions have become more prominent. Printing, small, poor, chaotic situation difficult to cure, hinder the pace of adjustment of industrial structure. BACK
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