Printing industry confirmed a second digital revolution is about to start

In 1990 generation digital message of of printing Qian job, and printing Hou film output of CTP, makes multiple message composite output, spell group big version, and color management to CIP message full process application Xia, many technology and the management and from scratch learn up, CTP with to has version printing of eventually a step, it respect all both save flat printing machine, brings more convenient and the more high quality, is is second times printing digital revolution beginning.
a message to multiple use, review how to use the network message page, transfer to any side of the planet, a large HUB outputs, medium Station station output, to the famous Soho output in different ways. Publishing so can small, and very few and POD according to needed output, without inventory reduced management and the inventory pressure, face this a wave is coming no version of print times, how makes I himself of printing career still furniture has core competitiveness, makes most printing peer can in network spread in the get new opportunities, as printing people magazine issued people, hope practitioners years by has analysis and structured, can for deserve came, "old dog total to variable out some new to! "Otherwise, how can the old face to swell in the printing industry? In early June from Germany dusaidaofudeluba printing back in early September had 12 for 22 years, Taipei International Print Exhibition TIGAX08 ends, the printing industry confirmed the second digital revolution is about to start! Back into print in early trade by a craft of my late father Mr Geng Bin enlightenment, color printing is hand-color relief etching, entirely produced by experience. Later films-ABC color, easy to use offset printing too much. Then electronically scanned color separation and PS version replace the intaglio, and has improved a lot and has too much precision. BACK
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