Large format ink-jet printing in China only to United States

As a printing powers, regardless of is in commercial packaging field, and outdoor advertising also is industrial field inkjet printing are has increasingly widely of application, but meanwhile inkjet printing of development also face with many challenge, especially China market customer constantly changes and improve of technology and the products requirements, how help customer better of caught opportunities select most right of products, and technology, is currently China inkjet printing programme suppliers need clear of.
    inkjet print can become a mainstream technology is not the most important. Solution providers should try to market as a whole (service providers and consumers) for better service, mainly on digital technology as well as printing ink systems and recent progress. In addition, continuous efforts to develop faster, more efficiently, and equipment at low prices to attract there is no choice of inkjet technology service provider. Effective education and training, marketing and product performance together, will directly promote the application of inkjet technology in the Chinese market.
    with the development of domestic cultural industries, printing market is growing rapidly, and now printing market in China is only United States international printing an important force. Outdoor advertising market has become the main contribution of domestic printing power, rapid development of the rapid development of the national economy drives advertising outdoor advertising and print ads to inject strong impetus to the development of inkjet printing. With the development of digital printing, personalized design to advertising design provides greater space for development.
    in China, inkjet printing growing main source of power is that he faced a potential huge market--the outdoor advertising market, inkjet printing in the next few decades will be accompanied by rapid development of outdoor advertising market in China.
    as an emerging economy, China's outdoor advertising market is growing at an alarming rate. Relevant data show that in 2004, China's outdoor ads market turnover has amounted to 16 billion yuan (RMB, same below), up 23.1% from 2003 to 13 billion yuan. Insiders believe that China's outdoor ads market growth prospects may even be greater than those of the more established European and North American markets.
    into 21st century, outdoor advertising already breakthrough has form single of shop moves advertising brand type, appeared has more of new outdoor media--car body advertising, and waiting Pavilion advertising, and Metro station advertising, and elevator advertising, and high column advertising, and three surface turned advertising, and wall body advertising, and roof advertising, and neon, and LED display,, outdoor advertising with city reform way go to, is farewell extensive, into optimization and consolidation of new development stage, People-oriented, harmonious development and the future. Outdoor advertising's booming market for inkjet printing opens a new realm.
   , with its many advantages in technology, inkjet printing continues to expand the scope of his application. Currently the main field of application of ink-jet printing are signs, logo printing (including banners, point of sale advertising, etc), according to the statistics, 2008 Global inkjet printing signs printing output of 6.5 billion euros (of which, Chinese sign of market value of 1.5 billion euros), up 57% from 2003, is expected to increase by 2013 52%. 2008 in the field of security printing inkjet printing output of 391 million euros, up 94% from 2003. Label printing ink-jet printing faster-growing areas, in 2008 production value amounted to 867 million euros (as of 2003, the output value at € 355 million). At the same time inkjet printing is now involved in all areas of packaging, such as corrugated cardboard printing, printing, printing of flexible packaging, label printing, metal tank. BACK
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