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  Kunming micro-needle printing limited is a professional engaged in printing Advisory planning, and design sedan, and color printing, and printing Hou binding for one of professional printing enterprise, Kunming micro-needle printing, and Kunming printing, and Kunming printing factory, and Kunming printing company, and Kunming printing, and Kunming printing design company, and Kunming album printing, and Kunming packaging printing, and Kunming color printing, and Kunming envelope printing, and Kunming sample printing, and Kunming publicity book printing, and Kunming poster printing, and Kunming packaging box printing, and Kunming carton printing, and Kunming, bag printing, is a professional from a production print service provider. In 2006, the printing technology Association of China review, Yunnan province, identified as only "printing digital printing technology Association of China branch of the governing units."
      micro-needle printing has world Shang advanced of Germany Heidelberg outside four color, and Germany Heidelberg four open four color, and 08 monochrome and the printing Hou covered film machine, and die machine, and bronzing machine, and playing hole machine, and stick box machine, and riding set, and lock line disc rubber installed, full printing equipment, makes you of print in quality, and price, and delivery cycle Shang has has full of guarantees.
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